Inspiration is everything and everything is inspiration. Wherever fashion does not serve as clothing, but the human being merges with the clothes and becomes holistic artwork, Van Art Graziadei comes in. With her creations, the designer Susanne Graziadei, who comes from Vorarlberg (the westernmost province of Austria), bursts bonds, conventions and constraints in order to create scope for unfolding, inspiration and extravagance.

Susanne uses each fibre, each material, each grain of dust, each emotion and movement as creative input; woolgathering moments later and then translating them in real creations.
The focal points of Van Art Graziadei are not trends, but textile art, which enthuses and creates the desire to be part of it. Thus the dresses cannot only be bought, but Van Art Graziadei also offers a rental service which makes the dresses accessible to people who appreciate bizarreness.

Graziadei is capable of eliciting undreamed-of skills of the wearers; she metamorphoses shy people into vamps, restrains eccentric people and unveils the hidden.
Susanne’s fashion shows are an orchestration which turns the catwalk alive. The textile staging is intensified by theatrical, musical, technical und visual elements and thus it turns into the experience of a lifetime. Make-up and hair design emphasise the show in a surreal and extravagant way, because routine is there daily and daily there is routine.

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